Still Waters 

School of Meditation 

Still Waters School of Meditation

We embrace an eclectic view of many different beliefs. 
Believing that there is a common thread that weaves a oneness between us all, so all is honoured and respected here at Still Waters 

Meditation is an invitation to notice our inner being, to acknowledge our inner beauty. 
We can begin to see more clearly our thoughts and emotions, and we can also let them go.

Still Waters ~ School of Meditation

Welcome to Still Waters...

We have been teaching meditation and relaxation for over 13 years and have been running workshops and courses for all ages and areas of meditation.

We like to feel that it should not be a ridged structure and more a way of life that flows with an natural rhythm... just like your breathing. 

We nurture all things spiritual and tend to be drawn to guides, angels and the natural flow of relaxation, going within to find whatever is there for you.

Not telling you the way but showing you the way, and allowing you to find your own inner wonder.

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Our Courses

We have many courses available throughout the year some are the traditional style meditation with others being guided visualisation meditation courses with spiritual development